Unique Baby Girl Nursery Themes Five Ideas
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Unique Baby Girl Nursery Themes – Top 5 Ideas

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It’s not hard to find loads of ideas online for pink, frilly, “girlie” nursery themes. Don’t get me wrong – those rooms are ADORABLE and I can totally understand wanting to decorate in that way. But some parents are looking for unique baby girl nursery ideas that are maybe a little different from the status quo.

Today, I’m going to introduce five of my very favorite themes that will empower and inspire your baby girl. Feel free to make them as pink, frilly, and “girlie” as you please but also know that these themes can be put together with absolutely any color scheme.


Castle Baby Girl Nursery - Four Themes

Now hold on just a sec! You’re thinking, “castle”? Didn’t she JUST say these were going to be alternatives to the traditional princess stuff?


But the beauty of a castle theme is that you can let your imagination run wild. And I promise that she will, too. You can certainly have princesses, but you can also have queens and kings and knights and jesters and wizards (ahem, Harry Potter) and dragons!

Essential Elements

  • Lighting – chandeliers are the way to go! If that’s not in your budget, install some flickering light bulbs that resemble candlelight.
  • Wall decor – if you know someone or can afford to hire someone to do a wall mural, it would make your castle really come to life. Or, consider using stick on decals to create the castle effect.
  • Royal accessories – try using touches of gold throughout and be sure to use plush, royal-looking fabrics. Also, try to include some sort of fort or cubbyhole for your baby to eventually use for looking at storybooks.

The beauty of this theme is that it incorporates fantasy and imagination into a beautiful nursery theme. You can go subtle or grand – either way is a surefire win.


Dance Baby Girl Nursery - Four Themes

To create a dance theme, your first call of duty will be to choose the type of dance. Do you want to focus on ballet? Include a display of vintage ballet slippers and make your crib skirt out of pink tulle! Want a theme that honors African dance? Be sure to have a grouping of small drums handy and maybe a trunk full of beautiful African wraps for imaginative play.

Or, you could have an overall dance theme and incorporate lots of different styles from tap to swing to hip-hop. Consider hanging framed photographs of famous dancers (I love black and white!).

Essential Elements

  • Dance space – as your child grows, allow her room to explore dance. Maybe a ballet barre, or a small stage in the corner for impromptu performances.
  • Music – dance and music typically go hand-in-hand. Have an easily-accessible child-friendly music player that your toddler can turn on when the mood arises.
  • Textiles – fabrics play a huge role in dance. Use a variety of textures in your rugs, crib skirts, wall-hangings, and window treatments.


Science Baby Girl Nursery - Four Themes

Inspire your daughter to learn about science from a young age. She just might become a cancer researcher or a Nobel prize winner. (You can take a little bit of the credit since you bought those cute Etsy prints, right?!)

There are so many branches of science that you can draw from. Chemistry could be represented by beakers and graduated cylinders. To incorporate biology, include the periodic table and colorful strands of DNA. Computer science can manifest as a circuit mural on the wall. Create a ceiling full of constellations to represent astronomy.

The options are endless – think back to your high school and college days to come up with other great ideas.

Essential Elements

  • Books – any good scientist immerses herself in books. Include titles like “Rocket Science for Babies” by Chris Ferrie, or “Rosie Revere, Engineer” and “Ada Twist, Scientist”, both by Andrea Beaty.
  • Female scientists – help inspire your little scientist by incorporating the works of female role models, like Marie Curie, Dorothy Hodgkin, and Jane Goodall. Try a collage like this one on Etsy!
  • STEM toys – be sure to stock the toy box with age-appropriate items that encourage scientific exploration, like stacking cups, Magnatiles, and simple wooden blocks.


Bugs Baby Girl Nursery - Four Themes

Wait, don’t go! I know some people can be grossed out by just the thought of bugs. Ick.

But bugs can be beautiful, too. Think about butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees, ladybugs, and grasshoppers, for starters.

Stoke your baby girl’s interest in cute creepy crawlies with an adorable bug-themed nursery. And hey, when she’s grown a little, maybe she’ll be willing to catch-and-release any six-legged critters that pop up in your house.

Essential Elements

  • Bug Mobiles – A mobile full of fluttery butterflies or buzzing bees lends a whimsical feel to a bug-themed nursery. Opt for a store-bought model or use your creativity to DIY this project.
  • Color – Take advantage of the opportunity to use cheerful colors in baby’s room. A bright pop of color on an accent wall or with a design piece (like the honeycombs in the pic above) is all you’ll need to evoke feelings of springtime.
  • Handmade Artwork – There are tons of bug-related crafts that you can do with your baby. I personally love hand print and footprint crafts like this sweet butterfly. Make and display some adorable mementos of those cute baby feet!

Buttery handprint for bug theme baby girl nursery


Library Baby Girl Nursery - Four Themes

While I believe books should be an integral part of EVERY baby nursery, parents who want to take it one step further should consider a library nursery. What a great way to incorporate a ton of great books, and encourage your little one to love reading!

Children’s books tend to be beautiful decoration on their own. Their covers are bright and fun and should definitely be displayed as visibly as possible.

Essential Elements:

  • Book storage – You’ll want plenty of space to store baby’s book collection. IKEA shelves or cubes would be a great starting point. Also consider wall shelves, baskets, and book display racks to show off your literary treasures.
  • Reading Nook – All great libraries have a perfect spot to curl up with a good book. Use a comfy chair, bean bag, or pile of pillows to make your cozy nook. Short on space? Try a corner of the closet and add battery-powered fairy lights.
  • Books – Obviously! You can find cheap books in great shape at yard sales, Facebook parent buy/sell/trade groups, and thrift stores. Definitely sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library if you’re eligible (your child gets a free book every month!). And consider asking your baby shower host to request that guests bring a new or used book with an inscription in lieu of a card.


Dream big for your baby girl. Pink and frilly is fun, but it’s ALSO fun to promote science and books and bugs and other things that are a little less traditional for a girl’s nursery.

Use your imagination, stay within your budget, and look forward to spending many special moments with your daughter in her unique and special nursery!

P.S. Not sure where to start to find bedding for baby’s crib? Go here for my best tips and tricks. Enjoy!


  • Kozakiv

    The baby sees everything in the first month of the day, as if it has a diopter +20, I only notice strong contrasts. Instead of uniform, pink or blue interiors, it is necessary to put dark curtains or wallpaper in the children’s room at least at that moment, which will create contrast. ” As comfortable as it is in pastel and milk tones, it looks gentle and ideal for our baby, we need to make sure that it has the details of vibrant tones that might be interesting.
    There are fewer and fewer parents who arrange the children’s room related to the gender of the child, or in pink and blue tones. There are so many variants for children here. Thanks for the post.

  • Ann

    Hi Katie! I’m inspired. I really liked the Castle theme. Specially the one that resembles Hogwarts. Being a fan of Harry Potter, I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of this before. I’d love to start decorating my baby’s room today after reading your post. Thank you very much for the idea!

    • Katie

      Hi Ann! Right?! I love that one. We don’t have to think only about Cinderella when we hear “castle”! Hope you’ll share a nursery pic when it’s ready. 😊 Thanks for your comment! 


  • Md Millat

    Hi Katie!

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about the Unique baby girl nursery. I’m inspired. I really liked the Castle theme. I did not know before that I would have to furnish a house for my child, and after reading your article. I came to know about the information you provided. Today, after I read your article, I want to decorate my baby’s house. I think a lot of parents don’t know how to decorate their baby’s house. I will share this article with my friends so that your friends can read the article so they can decorate the house for their children. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thanks for the post.

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