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Discounted Crib Bedding Sets – What To Look For

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When you are designing a nursery, the crib bedding is a great place to start. Choosing your bedding can be a great inspiration piece for the rest of the nursery. You can choose bedding with a theme (owls, sports, jungle, etc.) or you can choose a color scheme and build the rest of the nursery (paint colors, rugs, accessories) from there.

Discounted crib bedding sets make it affordable to shop for all of baby’s sheets and crib decor at one affordable price. And if you’re a little style-challenged, you’ll know you are getting a coordinated set that will look great together.

How Do I Choose Baby Crib Bedding?

There are a gazillion and one choices out there. Sometimes parents have a clear idea of what they want, but what if you have no clue?

My first suggestion is to head to Pinterest. Take some time to scroll through the choices and narrow down your style. Consider whether you prefer neutrals or bright colors? Subtle patterns or bold graphics? Famous icons like Mickey Mouse, Disney, or Winnie the Pooh?

Use the buttons at the top of the page on Pinterest to narrow down your search.

Once you have an idea of what you like, you can narrow down your options much more quickly. You’ll also know what types of stores to check or rule out. For example, Pottery Barn Kids tends to have very sophisticated, subtle bedding (not always budget though!). Some of the discount stores and sites (Target, Wayfair, even Walmart) have started carrying really cute baby bedding in all sorts of styles.

What is Included?

Crib bedding sets usually include:

  • One or more fitted sheets
  • A crib skirt (aka dust ruffle)
  • A comforter (remember: you won’t be putting this in the crib with baby – it is just decoration until later!)

Sometimes a set will include additional items such as changing pad covers, baby blankets, or even window valances or curtains. If you don’t think you need these extras, look for sets with just the basics. Or just buy them a la carte!

Consider A La Carte

A la carte means purchasing items separately instead of as a bundle. If you don’t need (or can’t afford) to buy a set that includes a crib skirt and comforter, all you really need is fitted sheets! I suggest having two at a minimum. They’re cheap, so go ahead and get some extras!

With my oldest, I shopped for hours for the perfect bedding set. I loved the graphics and the color scheme. It came with a comforter that we literally never used! I loved it, but it was definitely not a necessity.

Shop til you Drop

Now, for the fun part! Shopping!

If you have a specific bedding set in mind, you can do a Google search for the product name (e.g. “Lambs & Ivy Future All-Star 4Piene Baby Crib Bedding Set”). This will likely give you several stores that carry this particular item and you can comparison shop.

You can also sign up for CamelCamelCamel which is a free Amazon price tracker. If you have your heart set on a particular set, but the price is high, set the tracker and wait for a price drop.

If you have a little flexibility on a set but have some style ideas in mind from your Pinterest search, start with the clearance sales. Department stores, like JC Penney, tend to have a lot of “white sales” which are sales on linens, including baby bedding. This JC Penney Sale includes closeouts of nearly half off! They won’t be the newest products, but your baby definitely won’t mind.

Finally, Always Consider Quality

What would you look for when buying your own sheets? You’d want them to be soft, good thread count, quality materials, possibly organic, and you’d want them to wash well. Consider the same things for your baby. A baby won’t be able to tell you that the sheets are scratchy, or that they’ve pilled after a few washes. Don’t just buy based on cuteness! Touch them, check reviews, and buy the best product that you can afford in your budget.

As always, wishing you many happy moments in your budget baby nursery!

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