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Cute Baby Boy Bedding – Top 10 Themes

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There are SO many ideas out there for cute baby boy bedding, so I decided to round up my top 10 ideas right here for you. You guys probably already know how much I love neutrals (they can be mixed and matched and used for more than one baby!) but I can’t help falling in love with an adorable baby room filled with airplanes or puppies. It’s fun and cute and hey, why not? You can find quality bedding on a budget in pretty much any theme these days. So I say go for it!


Nautical Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

Nautical-theme bedding is all the rage these days and you can find plenty of options that will come as a set, or you can put together your own. The most popular nautical collections have a main color scheme of navy blue and white. I love to include accent colors that provide a little pop of interest – yellow, forest green, and red are some of my favorites.

Nurseries with a nautical theme can feel very sophisticated and stylish, and it’s an easy theme for a baby to grow into. Remember, you can always keep the bedding simple and use your accessories and decor to give it the nautical feel.

In my second son’s navy and white bedroom, I had super cute white sheets with tiny navy sailboats. The pattern was subtle, but really added a cute touch.

Check out antique stores and thrift shops for cool nautical accessories like boat paddles, lanterns, and thick rope.


Sports Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

The sky is the limit with a sports theme. You could choose a specific sport, like soccer, hockey, or basketball. Or, you could go with a general theme that includes lots of different sports. Or, you could even pick a team and use that as your inspiration – any Steelers fans in the audience??

Sports-themed bedding usually consists of bright primary colors, but you can find some softer pastel styles if you look around.

If you decide to go this direction, try to find some special items to include in your decor…an autographed baseball that had been grandpa’s, mom’s soccer trophies from high school, or dad’s letterman jacket framed in a shadowbox and hung on the wall. These personal touches will kick your nursery up a notch from meh to yeah!


Puppies Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes
What goes better with a sweet baby boy than puppies?? I love bedding that incorporates man’s best friend. Try to include some photos of your own dogs in the room. These days, you can find amazing custom artwork of your family pet. Check out Etsy to find an artist, submit a great photograph, and expect a piece back that will be a family treasure for years to come.


Camo Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

I’ll try to refrain from making a bad joke about not being able to find baby. 😉

For me, camo conjures up two main different images. One is a military feel (like the bottom left in the image) and the other is a woods or hunting theme.

Some people like to go ALL OUT camo, and others prefer it as an accent pattern. For example, the PBK bedding in the upper right quadrant is so subtle you’d hardly know it was camo unless you looked closely.

Decide what type of feel you’re going for and incorporate camo in a way that looks great to you.


Jungle Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

It can be a real jungle out there. Create a peaceful retreat for you and your baby to rest and relax.

Jungle themes are wonderful because you can incorporate so many beautiful colors, including lots of greens that have been shown to induce calm and peace. Add in some cute jungle animals (elephants, anyone??) and you have a crib bedding combo that is perfect for your little one.


Farm Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

The image of a lush farm with a bright red barn and lots of cute piggies and cows makes for a wonderful nursery theme. Add in a tractor and your little one will be smitten.

Pro Tip: Find a beloved classic children’s book and use it as inspiration for your nursery. So, for a farm theme, something like The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown will be a wonderful starting point.

Big Red Barn book cover screenshot

Some other ideas of great book-related themes are The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle), The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), and Where the Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak).


Dinosaur Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

I don’t know too many boys (or girls) who don’t think dinosaurs are super awesome. In fact, when my boys were little, they could accurately name WAY more dinosaurs than I could.

I can understand their fascination…dinosaurs are so different from anything they seen in the real world. Introduce a little imagination and wonder by including dinosaurs in baby’s room.


Vehicles Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

Planes, trains, and automobiles! Your baby will most likely be obsessed with vehicles from a young age. They’re fun to ride in, ride on, or play with. Why not sleep on them, too?


Space Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

One of my favorites quotes (which is also hanging in one of my son’s rooms) is “Shoot for the moon…even if you fail, you wil land among the stars”, from Norman Vincent Peale.

Even though we may feel like a tiny part of the Universe, a space-themed nursery will give your baby the world to dream about. Incorporate a fun solar system mobile. And glow-in-the-dark stars will be a hit well into adolescense.


Rustic Baby Boy Bedding - Four Themes

Rustic can mean different things to different people. To me, it brings up images of red and black buffalo check, bears, and rough hewn wood – like a mountain log cabin.

You might also think of an old farmhouse with handmade quilts, shiplap walls, and natural materials.

Whichever direction you go, you are sure to have a hit with a rustic baby boy nursery.


We’ve just looked at 10 adorable baby boy bedding ideas (with forty different pictures for inspiration!). I feel pretty sure you can find one that you love. Leave me a note in the comments telling me which theme is YOUR favorite.

Thank you for visiting today!

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  • Jake

     Hey this. Baby boy bedding is super adorable. it makes me want to be a kid again. It looks so comfortable. in particular I really like the sports one and the puppies. These are some of the best ages. to enjoy your Parenthood. So why not spend the money and really get the most out of the experience.

  • Rhain

    There seems to be an abundance of ideas for themed baby boy bedding and I can say that it kind of makes it difficult to make a selection without the feeling that the other could be better. You’ve certainly done an incredible job of narrowing it down to just ten. I already picked 2 that I find really sweet (jungle and dinosaurs) but if I had to pick one, it’d be the dinosaurs. Thanks 

    • Katie

      Hi Rhain! Those are great choices, and you really can’t go wrong, they are all so fun! You’re right that the options are virtually endless and sometimes a little inspiration gets you pointed in the right direction. 

      Thank you for commenting! 🙂 

  • Jim

    Awww!  This post gave me the baby bug again.  (My kids are all grown).  Great tips and pointers, and great collection of themes and pictures.  My favorites would be the country theme and the farm theme.   Although the space theme and camo theme rank right up there for me.  Really cute ideas!  Great article, and I followed your links to read some of the others as well.

    • Katie

      Hi Jim! Thanks for your comment! I definitely can commiserate – mine are past the baby stage and I’m not planning on starting over lol. But it is so fun to share my experience and passion for cute and affordable baby stuff with parents who are right in the thick of it. And I love your choice of favorites!

      Thank you for stopping in and have a great day! 

  • PaFoster

    My daughter has provided foster care for a small baby.  I will make sure and share this site with her.  Which of the themes have you found to be the most popular?  I would guess the vehicles theme, or maybe the farm theme.  They look like everything is handmade?  Thank you for sharing!

  • joshlala007

    I like the idea of this post; I like the jungle and Nautical theme bedding. I think there are too many to chose from, and some of the bedsheet is quite similar. Can I know the price of the bedding set? Because I can’t see it in the post itself. Is there a specific size of bedsheet to the product, or is there a standard baby bed sheet size? I’m not sure as well. Overall I think this is still a good topic to get into, fascinating, thanks.

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