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Cheap Baby Shower Centerpieces

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Oh baby, do I loooove a good baby shower! I mean, is there anything more fun than getting together with friends and family to celebrate the pending arrival of a new little smooshkin?

I firmly believe that baby showers should be fun, helpful to the new parents, and of course, within your budget! So, one way you can decorate your space in a budget-friendly way is with adorable, cheap baby shower centerpieces. Keep reading to check out three of my very favorite ideas. Happy showering!

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

Flowers are the tried and true OG centerpiece. Flowers have graced the tables of countless celebrations throughout the ages…weddings, holidays, anniversaries, and, of course, baby showers!

Flowers can make an event feel special. A beautiful arrangement will instantly bring a smile to the face of any party goer.

Live potted plants

One of my favorite ways to make a budget-friendly flower centerpiece is to simply use a potted plant! Plants can make a beautiful statement on your table. Look for plants with bright greenery and flowers that are already in bloom or very close. It will help to choose whatever is in season. For example, where I live, the fall is the season for mums! You can find gorgeous mums in all colors and sizes for a great price during that time of year.

Plus, potted plants can serve double duty as party favors. Consider a grouping of succulents in small pots, then send each guest home with one after the party. Or, if you decide to do a few larger pots, send them home with the VIP guests: the mom-to-be, the grandma-to-be, sisters, etc.

Consider choosing plants that can be easily replanted outside. Some plants are happy to stay in pots (like ferns) and some need to be replanted in the ground to thrive (like hydrangeas).

I love to use bulbs for Spring centerpieces…daffodils, tulips, dahlias, etc. These can be easily replanted, they come back every year, and they can even be propagated into multiple plants. You could eventually end up with a yard full of gorgeous daffodils from one plant!

Cut flower arrangements

Buying custom (or even pre-made) flower arrangements from a florist or retailer can get pretty expensive. But with a little creativity, you can make your own arrangements for a fraction of the price.

You’ll need:

  • flowers (duh) and/or greenery
  • vases

Where to find flowers

When looking for flowers, start with your network! Is the grandma-to-be a gardener? Trust me, she would be honored to use blooms from her garden for the centerpieces.

Does your neighbor have an amazing dogwood tree or azaleas blooming? Ask nicely if you can take an armful of cuttings. Say thank you after the shower with a homemade treat and a picture of how beautiful the space looked with her help.

If you don’t have access to any free flowers, I have found great deals at my local Trader Joe’s. Consider choosing a few bright blooms that feel very special (peonies, dahlias, roses), then fill in with cheaper greenery or less showy flowers to make an affordable arrangement. Or, keep it super simple and elegant with gorgeous single stems in a simple vase.

If you’re throwing a huge baby shower (or you’re using these tips for a wedding), check out buying flowers at wholesale prices. For my own wedding, I purchased flowers from Costco! My family and friends helped me turn them into gorgeous arrangements. As an example, you can buy 50 beautiful roses in all sorts of different colors for about 40 bucks. That would make a ton of gorgeous arrangements!


Definitely think outside the box when it comes to vases. They don’t have to be the traditional tapered clear glass vases that we all know. In fact, I think I’d prefer it not to be! Think of it as simply a vessel…something to hold your gorgeous flowers and maybe add a little style.

Again, try to find vases that you can borrow and use for free. (Just remember, if you are giving away your arrangements after the party, you’ll need to keep the vases. Wrap the stems in plastic wrap and roll with tissue paper or brown butcher paper for your guests to take home.)

Do you know someone with a beautiful milk glass collection? Do you have a gazillion mismatched mason jars lying around? Plop some flowers and greenery in, tie a bit of raffia around the rim and you have an instant, adorable centerpiece.

What if you know someone with beautiful handmade pottery bowls or teacups? Those aren’t really conducive to a traditional flower arrangement, but you could float some beautiful flowers in a bit of water for a striking yet delicate centerpiece.

The point is to be creative and use what you have. It’s better for your budget and better for the environment to skip buying new whenever possible.

Dandy Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes have become super popular over the last few years, for good reason. They are adorable and useful which are two of my favorite attributes! There are tons of tutorials online for how to make a diaper cake. Here is one I love from the DIY Mommy! Click the screenshot to watch her tutorial and customize your cake to match your decor and style.

As the party host, the diaper cake can also be your gift to the guest of honor. Just be sure to stock it with things she’ll really use. Diapers, obviously, but also baby shampoo and wash, diaper cream, teething toys, tiny onesies, socks, and more.

A twist on the classic diaper cake is the sock (or onesie or washcloth) cupcake. These are so cute and would be adorable arranged as a table centerpiece on a pretty cake stand. Click the picture for a tutorial from Hip Hoo-rae.

A diaper cake would be a great centerpiece for a food table. It doubles as a conversation piece while people are mingling and snacking. Or, if you want to use them for multiple tables, make several that are a little smaller so each table gets their own.

Make Memories

Use that valuable center-of-the-table real estate to create something for the new mom to cherish. You have a captive audience, right? Set up some crafty, but easy, projects for guests to complete as they eat and mingle. Use framed photos of the mom and dad as babies for table decoration and inspiration.

Photo Books

Yes, everyone has a smart phone nowadays and can take plenty of pics, but you KNOW we never print them out! Crowdsource your network to see if you can find two or three instant cameras (you know, shake it like a Polaroid picture). Place them at your tables with some cute, DIY photo props and ask your guests to help make memories.

After the party, compile the photos in one cute album and present to your guest of honor. I promise it will be a precious keepsake for her.

Get Crafty

Have a friend with a ton of scrapbooking supplies? Ask guests to help you create pages for the baby’s scrapbook. Provide scrapbook paper, pens, scissors, punches, cute stickers, and other scrapbooking thingamabobs. Ask your guests to make a page and leave space for mom to add a picture or two. Provide some page theme ideas: baby’s first bath, baby’s favorite activity, tummy time, swimming, etc.

Place all the pages into a scrapbook album and give to mom for her to fill in all the pages made with love by her friends and family.

“Shower the People you Love with Love”

– James Taylor

Baby showers are a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate the arrival of a precious new life. Have fun! Eat! Drink! And remember there is no need at all to overspend. Whether you prefer flowers, diaper decor, or creating an interactive craft, you can use these tips to make beautiful cheap baby shower centerpieces that will delight your guests. Enjoy!

P.S. I love to see your pictures! Show me your favorite baby shower centerpieces below so we can all ooh and aah over them! 🙂

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