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Affordable Nursery Chair – The Best Seat in the House!

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Welcome, my friends! Today, we’re chatting about chairs. You need a soft, comfy place to park your tush for those middle-of-the-night cuddle sessions. Believe it or not, nursery gliders or rockers don’t have to be expensive! I’m going to give you the best tips for finding what you need. Trust me, you’re going to want to know this information so you can make the very best choice of an affordable nursery chair for your baby’s space. Read on for more!

affordable nursery chair

Why do you need a nursery chair?

I remember shopping for a nursery chair at a big chain store back in 2010. I saw a beautiful glider from across the store and just had to go try it out. It was a pretty off-white fabric with a matching ottoman. I sat down in that chair and fell in love! It was so comfy, so cushy, so glidey. I pictured snuggling with my baby in that chair. Reading books, nursing, gazing at each other lovingly. I had to have it. So, I checked the price tag.


Um, that would be a nope. NOT spending that kind of money on ANY kind of chair much less one that will likely get thrown up on multiple times, ha!

But I knew from that moment that the nursery needed a chair. Mom needs a space to kick up her feet when baby will only sleep when being held. Dad needs a comfy place to give baby a bottle. Grandma wants to be able to gently rock while singing baby to sleep.

You’re going to want to wrap that sweet-smelling baby in a plush towel after a bath and read her a story in that chair.

Find one that you love.

Things to look for in a chair

Some variables to consider when looking at nursery chairs include:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Fabric


You’ll want to consider the size of your space. Do you have room for an overstuffed glider chair and ottoman? Or do you need a space-saving rocker? Open space in a nursery feels calming (think how you feel in a cluttered room!) so don’t get something bigger than your space allows.

Also consider the size of your family members. Is dad 6’5″? Make sure you get a chair that will be just as comfortable for both of you. Pick a chair with a high enough back that both of you can lay you head back comfortably.

I like wider chairs for a few reasons. They can fit differently sized people. They can oftentimes fit multiple people, like when you have a toddler who wants to sit next to you at story time. And lastly, because I tend to like to sit cross-legged in chairs, especially when nursing, so this would be an essential feature for me.

affordable wide nursery chair


As I mentioned before, glider chairs can get quite expensive – up to 500 bucks or even more. Determine what your budget is for a chair and stick to it.

Consider checking with friends and family before you buy new. Chances are, you know someone with a perfectly good chair in their attic. By buying or borrowing used, you’ll probably end up with a higher quality chair. And since you’ll likely only need it for a year or so, it may not make sense for your budget to invest in a more expensive piece.


Washable and durable are priorities here! Most manufacturers of nursery chairs use a polyester fabric that will wash well and resist stains.

You also want the fabric to be comfortable, so I would try to sit it the chair if possible. But at a minimum, check reviews to see what other buyers say about comfort.

Another consideration is color and pattern of the fabric. My recommendation is to choose a neutral fabric that will go well with any nursery decor and to accessorize with colorful pillows or throw blankets that will accentuate your decor. But if you so choose, there are plenty of options with floral patterns, polka dots, and lots more.

Glider vs. Rocker

Before I was shopping for my baby’s nursery, I didn’t even know what a glider was. So, if you’re like me, here’s a quick primer on glider vs. rocker.

Gliders have a smooth forward and backward “gliding” movement on a track. Coupled with a gliding ottoman for your feet, it makes for a very comfortable motion. Some gliders also swivel. One of the big benefits of a glider is not having to worry about rocking onto a tiny toe or tail. (My dogs have an uncanny ability to get their tails under stuff!)

Rockers can be incredibly comfortable as well, just make sure you have an ottoman or stool for your feet because it may not come with one. Rocking chairs, for me, bring back some sort of nostalgia of being rocked by my own parents and grandparents. If you’re sentimental, you might like feeling those comforting memories.

I think either option is a great choice, but gliders have a slight edge for me. Plus, most chairs you see in stores will be gliders, so your available choices may be more plentiful.

Alternatives to a Nursery Chair

Nursery chairs come in lots of styles. The most popular of these are rockers and gliders which we’ve already discussed but there are other options as well, like recliners. Do you already have a recliner in your family room that you could repurpose? Recliners don’t have the movement feature of course, but they sure get a check in the comfort column! With a few pillows for support, a recliner would make a wonderful spot to nurse, read, or maybe even take a snooze.

Or maybe you have a daybed that’s not being used that you could load up with pillows and make into a comfortable nesting space.

Really, any comfy chair would work just fine. Make sure you will want to sit in it for long periods and that it works with your budget.

Final Recommendations

I’m usually all for buying online, but I would really try to check out a chair in person before purchase if at all possible. At a minimum, go to a baby store and sit in a few to see what you like in terms of fabric, glider vs. rocker, size, etc. Then you can take that info and check out the Facebook parent groups for steals or head online for deals. When you have narrowed your preferences down, check reviews to see what other parents have to say about your favorites.

Wishing you many, many peaceful moments of baby bonding in your new nursery chair.

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